Month: October 2018

Ticking Time Bombs: How Ticks Get Into Your Home

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that often carry dangerous diseases. They can easily sneak into a home and turn a small colony into a major infestation if they survive long enough to reproduce. That is a big problem for the residents, which is why everyone should try to learn a few things about ticks and how to deal with them.

How Ticks Get In

Ticks are much less agile than the average insect. They can’t fly and they don’t jump like many other pests, but they do love to cling to things. The problem usually starts when an animal picks up a few ticks while it is outdoor. Both pets and uninvited guests, such as mice, can be the culprits. The ticks cling to the animal and eventually spread through the house once the host brings it into the building.

Why Infestations Matter

A tick infestation makes a home less comfortable. …