Month: July 2019

Camping With Kids – 8 Sure Fire Ways How to Keep a Toddler Entertained When Camping

One of your biggest enemies when camping with kids is boredom. When toddlers are bored, they become cranky and irritable. Some can keep themselves busy quite well, others need someone to entertain them or get them playing. Either way, they need some form of entertainment in the camp, or they won’t be fun. Try these 8 sure-fire ways how to keep a toddler entertained when camping.

Give them lots to do – This is a basic rule for camping with kids. Make sure there are lots of things for them to do when you are at the campsite. Bring toys, coloring books and crayons, books, puzzles, and of course outdoor toys like a ball, bucket and shovel.

Let them get dirty – Kids love to be messy, so let them play in the dirt. Make sand castles with them or sculptures of clay, or build a dam at the stream. …