Tips preparation before building a new house

All men need a place to stay or what we call home. When it is time for someone to start a family, they would build a household with subsistence of houses, food and clothing. All of these things will be gained by working.

The home stay is a primary requirement for a family is very difficult to get, as it requires a huge cost to get it. Some trick may be done by everyone as follows:

  1. Make a target of saving by changing the amount of the value of money in terms of land price forecasts next 20 years. Saving corresponding nominal needed within a target period of time (week, month, or year) to buy land with an area of ​​one square meter area of ​​land and target what we want for a family home.
  2. Look for the reference design houses favored in magazines or books on architecture.
  3. Create a schematic design house that starts with the amount and type of space that coveted space corresponding to the function space in the future. Can be in the form of writing diagram.
  4. Combine the diagram the amount of space with design models obtained from the monetary affairs magazine reference above. Match both the unity of function and the desired space. If there are not suitable or less, look again at another reference as much as possible.
  5. Make a plan schematic monetary affairs desired by combining design and amount of monetary affairs that has been selected above. Make a sketch as many possibilities and imagine the suitability of each chamber of the transition.
  6. When the estimated cost savings are met to purchase the desired land area, start looking for land in the area that we enjoy and the suitability of the floor plan as well as the formation of monetary affairs building which we have previously made. Does not rule out the possibility of which will change because of the existing site and environmental factors around the site. Factors that should be seen on the site we want is the state of the ground water, sanitation system the city sewers, power lines and the most important is the environmental community about the socialization and security.
  7. Consult all data collected and coveted ideal home needs to the architect as a forum for consultation services that help implement that dream. such as electrical installation and plumbing installation in your home. For pipe installation services of experienced, you can see through Plumbers Cardiff.

All the above factors will be at random by the architect as a unified whole, which is home to the function, the home of the residential neighborhood, home to the occupants inside, and home to the existing site. All of which will be realized by the architect as a form of home as a place to a harmonious family environment.